Young Entrepreneurs Project's Business Plan Competition

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Young Entrepreneurs Project's Business Plan Competition




The Idea


Entrepreneurship is a foundation of both hope and socio-economic mobility in the United States. Young Entrepreneurs Project (YEP) is a unique and exciting career development program for urban youth, addressing barriers to employment and independence.

We want to create a business plan competition!

The Specifics

YEP partners with inner-city Boston schools and the Boston Boys and Girls Club to serve students through a unique work-readiness program, in which students participate in work-based learning experiences to prepare for post-secondary education, employment and independent living. 100% of YEP participants are from low-income families.
YEP's success can be attributed to our comprehensive approach, consisting of academic learning, hands-on business experiences, and mentoring.
We hope to use these funds to create the first-ever YEP Business Plan Competition, with the winning student team receiving funds to start their own small business! Just like the MIT $100K, all of the students will benefit from the learning and mentoring during the contest.

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YEP is a great program!

by lovetrees
almost 4 years ago | Reply

YEP is one of the few programs that bring the education arena of business, job readiness, transition skills to youth with special education needs in Boston Public Schools I say YES to YEP for making job training a win win win for these amazing young people.

by rsnowden
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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Tuesday, March 13

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Tuesday, April 03
at 12:00 PM PDT

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Tuesday, April 03

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Tuesday, April 17
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Textbooks For The Book Bank Program In Haiti
Textbooks For The Book Bank Program In Haiti

Winner Announced
Tuesday, April 17

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