Provide new winter coats for some of the nearly 16 million children living in poverty in the U.S.

idea by rich.lalley




The Idea


Operation Warm provides new winter coats to children in need throughout the US. Last winter, we provided new coats to 220,000 in 33 states, bringing our total to 1 million children served since we began. $2,500 will provide new coats to 150 more children, allowing them to attend school with pride.

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I've been a contributor for the past three years and plan to continue my support in the future. I like the idea that they receive NEW coats. I appreciate everyone on the ground who does the really tough work. Thanks you!

by ancientgreece
almost 4 years ago | Reply

We love Operation warm!!!
They really go the extra mile to help keep kids warm!!

by ljohnson1
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Happy to vote for a worthy cause!

by mrsvc
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Great to be able to give children the proper clothes to go to school and learn.

by Mark K
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Thank you Operation Warm for making a real difference in children's lives.

by mvanhorn5
almost 4 years ago | Reply

This is a wonderful cause. Chicago winters can be gruesome but with the help of organizations like "Operation Warm " once less kid will be without a coat thanks to your generous donations.

by Jonesbev
almost 4 years ago | Reply

LOVE Operation Warm, they touch each child's life, make such a difference in the life of their parents as well.

by twosons
almost 4 years ago | Reply

How simple...and yet how powerful...to give a NEW winter coat to a child that doesn't have one.

by katiemraw206
almost 4 years ago | Reply

150 warm children is worth the five minutes it takes to vote for this. Happy to do so.

by maggiesox
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Thanks for your vote!
Joan E. Tily
Operation Warm, Inc.

by jet003
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Massachusetts resident here that knows the winter can get so very cold for some. Glad to vote for this very worthy organization.

by mlinehan@gmail.com
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Thrilled to be part of such a great cause!

by maurae
almost 4 years ago | Reply

I grew up in, and currently live in, Wisconsin, and I know how often that kids go without adequate winter clothing. This is a wonderful cause!

by sinstralpride
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Amazing organization!

by pdaigle
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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